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  • This unit will provide you with the skills required to enable you to create a relational database. You will design a relational database to meet a specified user’s needs and then create the database from your designs. You will use and create a range of features within their database such as queries, forms, reports and a user interface/ navigation menu. Finally you will understand how to test your relational database, carry out improvements based on feedback and finally evaluate the design.

  • Communication is a vital skill for any individual. The effective use of communication and flexibility of styles is a highly desirable attribute to employers to maintain good working practice. This unit identifies the principles for effective communication and introduces learners to the interpersonal skills and attributes required within a work place and how different combinations and approaches are required for a range of job roles it also identifies the different IT tools available for safe and secure communication and exchange of information within an organisation. Learners will consider approaches and adapt the way they communicate, depending on their audience. This unit will prepare learners to effectively use various communication channels, within a working environment and to understand what an employer expects of an individual and how to communicate effectively whilst developing their own personal development needs.

  • Organisations can exploit information to do better at planning, monitoring and controlling their business activity.  However, it is easy to drown in a sea of data.   People can best undertand and use information when it is organised and presented in the ways that are most useful to them.  Powerful PCs, servers and networks provide new tools and systems to process information.  This improves how people can run their business and plan their activities.  In this unit you will examine how information is used in organisations and the role that it can play in supporting business activities.

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